Saturday, October 23, 2004
delights of diligence
Today is Saturday, the weekend, but I've been and still am studying the whole afternoon in Ye's office while he is working hard on updating their website, too. What a diligent couple we are!? Maybe workholics both of us. But I'm really absorberd in my study, and got some fun from such devotion, forgetting rest, forgetting dinner, trying to understand about the different versions of Chinese Buddhist Sutras... I must have been out of my mind! ...while I actually have another important work to do about researching the chronologies of the wooden buildings in Beijing Confucious Temple and the Imperial College and writing a paper before next Wednesday. My class went there this Wednesday to do field survey. It's strange. Sometimes you just have no mind to do the real, urgent work, but can't help being attracted to something else...hopelessly...

Monday, October 11, 2004
Jarre concert
We arrived at Qianmen around 6:30pm, but the surroundings were already closed off. The policeman said only "organized groups" could enter the sub-hall to see the big screen. We're quite angry, actually. Before the event nowhere said only "organized groups" could enter the sub-hall, even there's just big screen. Well, that's China. Information is always not clear.

The north part of Tiananmen Square was still open, and there was some fountain performance, so we hung around there for a while. Later we headed to the Xidan sub-hall. Again, the area right in front of the big screen was presered for maybe some "organized groups", so we could only stand in side area of the Xidan Culture Square. But when the concert started, all our sentiments flied away and we're totally amazed by Jarre's performance, to see how did he create those sounds and weave them into fantastic music. Marvellous! You can watch the video from the page (in Chinese):

Or just click the following list:
1.Ouverture France-Chine
2.Oxygene Part 2
3.Geometry of Love
4.Petit Orchestre Sous La Pluie
5.Equinoxe Part 4
6.Voyage a Pekin
7.Chronologie Part 6
11.Chronologie Part 3
12.Vivaldi "L'hiver"
13.Joncques de Pecheurs au Crepuscule
14.Rendez-vous 4
15.Souvenir de Chine
16.Rendez-vous 2
17.Aerologie Part 2
18.La Foule
19.Tian An Men

Oh today the weather is very nice! A cold front arrived at Beijing area and blew away the fog and polluted air that had been hung over the city for days. Bright sunshine, clear blue sky and pleasant chilling breeze are all coming back.

Sunday, October 10, 2004
Jean-Michel Jarre
This year is the so-called "Sino-French Culture Year" and tonight there will be a concert as its opening, by Jean-Michel Jarre in front of Wumen, the main gate of Forbidden City. There will be three big screens in Qianmen, Wangfujing and Xidan. Ye bought Jarre's latest album "Aero" yesterday and is looking forward to it very much. He surprisingly and proudly found on the booklet inside his company's name is mentioned on thanks-to section! Anyway we're going there tonight, probably Qianmen. (The main location Wumen is only open to invited guests, including French President and China's National Chairman.)

Jean-Michel Jarre

"Qianmen" in French Three Colors


Saturday, October 09, 2004
Back from the "Romantic Capital" of China
We took the night train and arrived at Beijing in the early morning yesterday, at 6am, and Beijing was surrounded with heavy mist, as the whole city was still sleeping. Later I soon catched the first bus heading to school for an English course, and Ye went back his place preparing to work, too. Miserably, after this short vacation, he has to work this weekend, which means, he'll have to work from yesterday till next Friday, 8 days without rest.

Some highlights of our Dalian trip:
1) meeting his parents again was great. Everyday they prepared great meal with fresh seafood, like prawn, fish, oyster, trumpet shell, clam, jellyfish(fresh one, which is quite juicy, very different from the fried one), etc.

2) Teppanyaki: we happened to find a teppanyaki restaurant when walking on street. Ye had been dreaming of teppanyaki after hearing my experience in Taipei. A very good friend from the summer camp brought me there and bought me a treat. Me and Ye missed the lunch time, so we could only order from the menu. From the previous experience, I suggested to choose some seafood with a beef stake. Quite delicious, and when cooking stake, there's even flame show! At first Ye was afraid the medium stake would be too rare, but he soon loved the soft taste. But it's quite expensive, I think. We spent totally 266RMB!! (26.6EUR) Hopefully there's no service fee.

3) I-55 cafe: it's an expected discovery. One day we got off a bus one more stop and found we're in the so-called "cafe street." There are many cafe shops around, and we chose the most popular one. It's open by an American guy, and it's really good! Great atmosphere and great coffee! And it's not very expensive! A cup of coffee costs around 19RMB, the average price for coffee here. Would be perfect if the waitresses not standing aside and staring at us too often.

4) watched "2046" at the same theatre where we watched "House of Flying Daggers" in August. It's mandarin version, so Tony Lueng Chiu Wai's part was not in his own voice. I would rather to hear his own voice in Cantonse, although I can't understand the language. I like this long-been-waiting film of Wong Kar-wai a lot. I felt a deep sorrow inside the movie, can't tell it very clear now, though.

5) Lushun Trip...
Write it later. Time for dinner. :P

Friday, October 01, 2004
Ten One Vacation
Today it's the National Day of China, and since today we'll have the so-called "Ten One Vacation" till next weekend. (Well, actually we still have to go back work or to school next Friday.) We're going to Ye's hometown Dalian again, but this time by airplane. Because we failed to get the train tickets, and even the long-distance bus tickets were sold out already. The flight ticket is nearly 3 times more expensive than train one, but it's much faster, only takes 1 hour, while 9 hours by train.

It became very chilly after yesterday's rain, but the sky is clear again. Just right after my previous entry praising Beijing's nice weather, it soon turned out to be quite cloudy and misty for the following days.

Last night we went to Tiananmen Square, after having dinner at a Hong Kong tea restaurant at the bulky Oriental Plaza at Wangfujing. Surprisingly, there were so many people on the street, like a fiesta, giving me a feeling as Christmas or New Year's Eve, although there's actually no celebration or activity. People just went there to see the Square at night, which was quite beautiful with lighting. For celebrating the National Day, the Square is now decorated with tons of flowers and many other settings like faked rocky mountains, waterfalls and even a temporary fountain! There's also a new Chairman Mao's portrait on Tiananmen Gate, although I don't see much difference.

wordsworth's garden
for oft when on my couch I lie
in vacant or in pensive mood,
they flash upon that inward eye
which is the bliss of solitude;
and then my heart with pleasure fills,
and dances with the daffodils.

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