Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Thursday, April 24, 2003
Illumenation 2003
yesterday Ye took me to University of Art and Design Helsinki to see
European Film School Festival, which was really nice. We watched six films with the theme "Family Affaris": Lapsuuden loppu/End of Innocence (Finland); Den Ene Dagen/That One Day (Norway), my second favourite. It's about a family after a car accident and their daughter was unconscious in hospital. At first we saw the father was chagrined that they should have not brought the cat with them, so that the accident wouldn't happen, while the mother was crying with their pale (and handsome :P) son sitting quiet aside. The father said he couldn't stand the cat and gonna send it away. The night the son took the cat to the hospital and told the daughter to wake up. The next morning the parents came to hospital and surprisingly found the cat on the awaken daughter. Till now did we know that the son was already dead....; Mariann (Hungary) a documentary about a family, also after a car accident and one of the daughters was dead. They interviewed the members of the family about the dead daughter, who was actuaully adopted by them with her sister, and the accident that the mother and three of the children (there are 6 children!) were hit by a drunk guy driving his car to he pedestrian. They're so angry coz the guy didn't apologize to them, but at the end of the film we saw his apologize letter...; Tuliaisia/A Day With Parents (Finland); Per Sempre Tuo/Forever Yours (Italy), about a guy with the ghost of his dead ex-gf and his new gf that the ghost taught him how to please his new girl. Incredible relationship...; and the last one Dim Sum - A Little Bit Of Heart (UK) directed by Jane Wong was surely a brilliant surprise. It's a documentary about the Chinese migrants in Manchester, specifically on the women. It used a funny tone to tell how's their philosophy for their lives in a different country. What's the most funny was that after the films, there's a small interview, but only the two finnish directors were there. After the interview, a guy came to us and asked if I were the director Jane Wong. Well, we told him that we're searching for her as well. :P

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
So it's another 10 days that I didn't speak any voice here. Well, when the sky is blue, the sunshine is warm, even the wind breeze is pleasantly cool, how could I get the nerves to sit in front of computer?! ;-)

Anyway, I just stayed in Helsinki during the Easter holidays. But it's quite nice. On Saturday we went to the central park near by Lansi Pasila to take some walk and deep breath from the early spring forest. Later we took tram 4 to its eastern end to the seaside between Helsinki and Espoo to see the (yet frozen) sea and had some coffee at a very cozy cafe Torpanranta and two big balls of ice cream from the nearby Valio stand. We missed to see the Easter Procession, which was surely a great pity. During the night we went to a student disco with Stacy and David, a night which reminded me of PSB's Jealousy. Another David had told me that he would rather not go dancing with his gf, and vice versa for her, for they can't get relaxed. But for me it's never my way to know people in these night places, and I always feel extremely uneasy and just want to get out of there as soon as possible. I only feel comfortable when being with (very good) friends.

The next day we went to
Seurasaari. (finally... I bet I may be the last foreign students who hasn't been there.) I should come here again after mid May to see the open air musuem. There's also an ice cream stand of INGMAN, had two huge ice cream when entering the island and waiting for the bus to go home. I was terribly exhausted after walking around the island, I was very sorry but had to cancel the dinner party (that everyone brings a dish) at David's flat.

Yesterday one of Ye's friend Wu Tie, who just came back from China last Thur, came to see him finally. Inevitable, SARS has been a big topic between us, and maybe out of fear, even became kind of our joke. Anyway we went to Liu Qiang's place to have dinner and watch Hero (the third time!)

Friday, April 11, 2003
now we invite yoouuu to the hooouse of horraaaaarrr...
Click here to read the stories about ghost in house in Finland. There are four stories which happened in Helsinki, Turku, Pori and Kirkkonummi. Me dare not to check either of them yet, though...

ps. not responsible for any consequence, like nightmare or over-spicious mind...

Thursday, April 10, 2003
raining morning
today the temperature and the humidity of the air reminded me of Taipei. It's just like that, so exact that feeling. And the sky is cloudy, the world is menlancholy, except the wind is too chilly...

My rainy city. The dark, quiet and lonely night of winter. The sudden heavy rain shower of the summer afternoon. The neverending spring rainy days. And if you don't like rain, come to Taipei in October or November then, for I can't remember how's the rain in these two months!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Return to Innocence...
Listening to this song which I just got from
Chi's latest entry. It's from the German group Enigma's 1994 album "The Cross of Changes." But is still wrong: the opening chanting which consisted almost half part of this song was not by Native American but aboriginal Taiwanese Difang Duana and his wife Inai. The story of the law case behind this song seemed to already fade away from people's memory, Difang and Inai also passed away last year, (so surprised and sad to be reminded of this fact), the moment I listened to this song, I felt my blood frozen, as some electricity passed through my body, and I feel so proud and moved that this such beautiful music is from my island.

And I am glad that I didn't let the chance just pass through my life this time, and vice versa, I thank you, my dear conquest, for that you did catch me and all the happiness you've given me. :-)

Thursday, April 03, 2003
Helsinki was turned into a white world again, after the snow has almost disappeared.

Recently I feel a bit tired, although I did even nothing. I suppose it's the change to summertime. Just imagine: now when you get up at 8am, it's actually just 7am, which you have been used to for about half year; when you think you should have dinner at 7pm, it's still so bright outside and you don't actually feel like sitting down and eating something; you don't feel so sleepy until 2am but you still have to get up at 8am the other day... Never thought that one hour would have such an effect!

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Just got this
Flash Mind Reader from Ye. So amazing, incredible and horrible. How did it know?? Anyone who can tell me the trick behind it??

Yesterday there's a very shocking news which I hoped it's just an April Fool's joke however it's true... Leslie was gone, ending his life by dropping himself from a building. Only 46 years old... Couples days ago, I was just happening to listen to his songs. Oh my God, still can't believe nor realise it's true. Hope his tortured spirit is rested in peace now.

And again I feel so grateful that I can have such a happy and even carefree life.

wordsworth's garden
for oft when on my couch I lie
in vacant or in pensive mood,
they flash upon that inward eye
which is the bliss of solitude;
and then my heart with pleasure fills,
and dances with the daffodils.

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